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Save over $247 with LED Replacement Bulbs

Led Bulb Savings

LED Lighting technology is here to stay. Light emitting diodes (LED) have been around since the early 60’s and are now available for most lighting applications. The quality of light is clean and sharp, and LED generates far less heat. But savvy homeowners and businesses are making the switch to LED bulbs for one simple reason. COST SAVINGS!

Yes, LED bulbs cost more. But they are rated to last at least 25,000 hours vs. incandescent bulbs that last only about 2,000 hours. And when you factor in the electric cost to run incandescent bulbs vs. LED the savings are obvious. LED produces the same amount of light, called “Lumens” and use 1/10th of the energy. Typically, a 65 watt replacement LED bulb uses only 10 watts per hour. And since the average kilowatt hour rate in New Jersey is 15 cents — the savings start adding up as soon as you switch on the LED lights! When buying LED lighting, pay attention to the Kelvin Temperature. A rating of 3000k results in a brighter light similar to a halogen bulb. A rating of 2800k results in a warmer light similar to an incandescent bulb.

Homeowners and business owners who consider the replacement bulb cost and the electricity cost of running an incandescent bulb are replacing with LED bulbs in multiple locations to save even more money.

Here’s a typical scenario comparing the cost of purchasing and powering a typical 65 watt BR30 incandescent flood bulb with an equivalent 8.5 watt BR30 LED replacement bulb.

TOTAL SAVINGS Over $247 per bulb!

Good Friend Electric stocks LED replacement bulbs for all types of commercial and residential applications. Our LED experts will fill you in on all of the benefits of LED Lighting and demonstrate the superior quality of light in today’s LED Lighting.